Where does it come from?

Designer Vision Company for Decoration, General Contracting and Industry is a classified company The first degree from the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing is as follows: Certificate number: 20210154 | Release date: 01/25/2021 | Credit score: A+ Technical evaluation score: 74, and it is authorized to carry out general construction of residential buildings Non-residential, public construction of government buildings, etc. Designer Vision Company, a professional contractor specialized in design and implementation Executive plans, in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which focuses on humanization Cities and quality of life. Inspired by the book of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud “Salmanian style”, which combines the authenticity of the past with modernity the future

What will we work on?


Lavish details, high-end materials, and sophisticated aesthetics define this indulgent, upscale interior style.


Elegant symmetry, classical motifs, and luxurious materials blend for a timeless, opulent look.


Rustic charm, warm hues, and natural textures create a cozy, farmhouse-inspired atmosphere.


Sleek lines, minimalism, and cutting-edge elements for a contemporary, tech-forward aesthetic.


Neoclassic Harmony in Interior and Interface Design with Executive Plans

Timeless Elegance

Comprehensive Design and Execution for a Luxurious Villa Oasis

Opulent Retreat

Interior and Interface Design for a Bakery Oasis with Executive Plans

Neoclassic Interior Design & Executive Plans for a Refined Residence

Timeless Comfort

Interior and Interface Design for a Country-Style Retreat with Executive Plans

Rustic Serenity

Luxurious Living with Integrated Comfort and Interface Design

Modern Opulence

How We Work


Strategic Space Planning

Creating harmony in your space is essential. Our experts meticulously plan the arrangement of elements, ensuring optimal functionality and flow that complements your lifestyle


Concept Development and Ideation

Our skilled designers translate your aspirations into a cohesive concept. We explore styles, color palettes, and themes, culminating in a concept that resonates with your vision and lifestyle


Initial Consultation and Project Briefing

We begin with a personalized consultation, where we take the time to understand your goals, preferences, and budget. This initial meeting lays the foundation for a project brief that guides our design journey.


Curated Furniture and Fixture Selection

Our curated collection of furnishings, lighting, and fixtures offers a range of options that harmonize with your design. We help you choose pieces that define your space’s character


Material and Finish Curation

Elevating aesthetics requires a keen eye for materials and finishes. We guide you through selecting textures, surfaces, and materials that align with your design aspirations.


Design Refinement and Visualization

Building upon the approved concept, we delve into the finer details. Through sketches, drawings, and 3D renderings, we provide a tangible glimpse of the design’s evolution.


Elegant Styling and Finishing Touches

The final layer of elegance is added through artful styling. Our team expertly curates accessories and decor to enhance the space’s charm and personality


Seamless Contractor Collaboration

With your vision in mind, we collaborate closely with contractors and artisans, ensuring the design’s faithful realization while adhering to project timelines


Comprehensive Documentation

Precise planning is key to flawless execution. Our team generates detailed plans, elevations, and technical documentation that serve as a blueprint for construction and implementation

Our Projects around the world

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